Professionally handled, the mass media is an efficient, powerful and cost effective method of reaching target audiences. Editorial coverage influences and leads opinion. It is an essential tool for an organisation trying to communicate its message.
Analysing a company's public perception and assessing its strengths and weaknesses. We take an objective look at the way in which an organisation presents itself to its audiences.
The first impression which any organisation creates is important, and more often than not the first impression is a visual one. We assist in creating your corporate visual identity.
Whether the need is for a corporate brochure, audio visual material or internal newsletter, Bendigo can take responsibility for everything from the writing of copy, photography, printing and distribution of the finished item.
Companies often wish to take initiatives which enhance their reputation as good corporate citizens, bringing their name before a wider audience in a positive way. Many companies now identify sponsorships and corporate giving initiatives.
A monitoring/lobbying service in both the UK and EC Parliaments monitoring government activities so that you can take appropriate positive action to explain or defend your brand, or to press for change ahead of the curve.
We support a company's own managers by providing them with advice and guidance on all aspects of corporate communications. By providing a fresh, professional eye, extensive experience and creative skills we can make an important contribution to every aspect of a company's communication needs.
We undertake qualitative and quantitative research into staff, consumer, supplier and media attitudes to your company, products and services. We also provide comparative research, relating to an organisation' s market position.
When an incident threatens a loss of consumer/investor confidence there is a need for a sophisticated understanding of how to manage the flow of information between an organisation and its main audiences via the media.
We will originate copy, design and manage the production and printing of a range of corporate publications including newsletters, annual reports and brochures.
It makes good business sense to build relationships with clients. This is often best done in a relaxed setting which allows for informality and friendship. When properly handled, corporate entertainment compliments your company and your guests.
A proper internal communications programme using briefings, newsletters and shared entertainment creates a corporate culture which builds respect between staff and management and attracts quality staff.