Julian Roup and Janice Warman started the business in 1993 to offer a full range of Public Relations services. Bendigo undertakes the full range of Public Relations services (see Services) but our core skill is media relations – generating media exposure for clients.

Julian Roup is a published author with three books to his name; A Day in the Life of an MP, A Fisherman in the Saddle, & Boerejood.

His background which combines Marketing, Journalism and Public Relations. He has created PR campaigns for The British Army, Bradford & Bingley Estate Agency, Christie’s, East Hampshire District Council, the Government of Malta, the Development Agency for the Western Cape (South Africa), the London Underground, British Rail InterCity, NSPCC, the RSPCA and Virgin Atlantic Airways, amongst others.

Janice Warman is a financial journalist with a distinguished track record which includes the BBC’s Financial World Tonight, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Observer and the Daily Mail. She has also produced communication campaigns for Barclays and B&Q, amongst others. Also a published author with three books to her name; Thee Hey Nonney HandbookThe World BeneathClass of 79.