Ten Problems with PR Agencies

We don’t claim to be perfect but we hope that we avoid the ten traps listed below. Just being aware of them reminds us to monitor our performance.

We regularly hear the following comments when we meet new clients:

1. We never again met the people who so impressed us at the pitch.

2. ​They change the people who work on our account all the time.

3. We were shabbily treated because we don’t have the kind of budget they would like.

4. We are the ones who constantly have to prod them into action – they seldom take the lead on anything.

5. It’s taken them forever to understand our industry.

6. However much or little they work, the full charge is levied each month.

7. They have just not lived up to the expectations they created at the pitch.

8. After a good start they seemed to lose interest. They were brilliant at first but after the first year we were getting less and less

9. It is really difficult to quantify or analyse exactly what they do for us.

10. I wish they promoted us as successfully as they promote themselves.

If none of these apply to your relationship with your agency then you are being well served, stay with them! If not please Get In Touch.